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This is the home of the Iron Cast, the podcast hosted by the crew at Black Iron Gym in Sparks, Nevada (Reno area). Krissy Mae Cagney and the rest of the Black Iron crew play host to a variety of guests, usually athletes, to talk about training, life, and mostly trying to get a few laughs.
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Mar 29, 2016

We continue with KC aka That 1 Leg Monster. We talk veteran suicide, hard work, overcoming obstacles, deadlifting, and finally get around to goofing off. / / We talk about stability in the deadlift (and how he can deadlift almost 600 with one leg)

Mar 28, 2016

KC Mitchell aka That 1 Leg Monster is a US Army Airborne Infantry vet who was wounded in combat overseas. The IED blast left made him lose his leg.

In this very special episode, we sat down with KC and he shared his journey after the blast through recovery and to his introduction into fitness. He shares his fitness journey, his how and why for training, and his goals.

KC is outspoken about a lot of things and speaks very bluntly about them. In Part 1, he calls out a lot of people in the fitness and supplement industry by name and doesn't hold back when he shares his opinions of them.

By far our most controversial and engaging episode to date. KC is understandably an inspiration to many people and we hope that his story can inspire you and get you to think.

Mar 21, 2016

Ryface takes the helm in this funny and controversial interview with Emily Duncan (THE @Em_Dunc) and Matt Vincent (@ihviiimattvincent) while the Doughnuts and Deadlifts crew was at the Arnold in Columbus.

We are all a little tired and out of it while we discuss the different fitness cultures seen at Ze Arnold, their validity, FLAT EARTH!, and other things.

The question of the hour was clearly: What's the deal with bodybuilding? Can it really be considered a sport? Em Dunc handles these questions while Matt offers his perspective on things.

Mar 18, 2016

Sarah, who created and runs the Primal Bites blog ( stops in to talk about the many forms of sustainability and sustainable eating. We talk the politics and ethics of food and eating and the best approaches to optimal nutrition. We also talk about Sarah's fitness journey as she ventures into strongman and powerlifting from CrossFit.

We play probably our best round of Two Truths and A Lie to date, and have an insane round of Would You Rather?

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Mar 16, 2016

Brandon Collins, longtime friend of the Black Iron crew, and the one who has done much of the tattoo work on Krissy's body stops by before leaving the country on an open ended journey around the globe. 

Brandon talks what it takes to give up everything to pursue a passion and a dream, the weirdest foods he's ever eaten, fetishes, and plays a game of "Would You Rather" with us. 

As always we are funny and controversial and we hope you enjoy!